Surviving is not enough,

We must learn how to THRIVE! 

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About Me

"I want you to succeed and I'll work as hard as you to help you achieve it"


I've spent the last 8 years successfully helping others deal with their mental health so they can move past the problems they are facing and learn how to shine again..... I know what it's like to struggle but working together we'll help you make some better choices going forward.


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If you're a bit confused as to why you've ended up here don't worry you're not alone. We all struggle at some point in our lives but it's how we deal with it that matters.

And this is where I come in.....

Working together we'll create a treatment plan that's made just for you and you're situation so you can finally put your thoughts in order, think clearer and make those better choices you've always wanted to.

We can work face to face, on the phone or online depending on your needs.


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As part of my Mental Wellness Advocacy Work I write a successful award winning blog dedicated to the promotion of positive mental wellness. 

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