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20 Life Lessons I've Learnt Adulting Into My 40's

the blog title  image saying 20 Life Lessons I've Learnt Adulting Into My 40's

I don't feel like an adult but here I am, going a little grey and running into my "cough" "cough"...... 40's.

Looking back I can't say its always been easy but I wouldn't change a thing..... The lessons I've learnt have led me right here and here is where I'm at my happiest.

I hate to say it but the lessons my parents would say to me as a child about growing up and wiser...... well they're true and I'm not that happy about that to be honest (sorry mum).

Realising this though made me think about what others lessons I've learnt in my life. I'm not talking about the stuff we tell ourselves on the daily but the things we learn that suddenly change everything.

Well there's been a couple of these moments and I'd like to share a few with you if that's alright..... So here they are - 20 life lessons I've learnt adulting into my 40's

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  • You can be richest and kindest person in the world and some people will still think your a loser. Don't worry about though, you can't please everyone.

  • If you need to be in a relationship, it's probably the exact reason why you shouldn't be in a relationship. I spent so long looking to others for validation but what I realised staying single for 5 years was, was that I was really looking for validation from myself..... I realised that I was enough on my own and when I did chose to be in a relationship it was my free choice and not a demanding need.

  • A tidy home and groomed appearance can do wonders for a clean focused mind and your self - esteem.

  • Everything in moderation

  • As long as you're not hurting anyone then no one (and I do mean no one) has the right to tell you what you can and can't do.

a picture of Michael Jackson with lyrics of the man in the mirror on them

  • We're not here to change others we're here to change ourselves and in changing ourselves we change others

  • We're all just as weird as each other. You never know what people get up to when no one is looking..... Unless you do like people looking..... Each to their own (no judgement)

Beetlejuice representing it's ok to be weird

  • You can find meaning in the darkest of moments. After struggling for a lot of my younger adult life I came out the 0ther end with something really special. I'm learnt how to help others because of what I'd been through..... It's a real gift I embrace in my life.

  • Cocktails are not just for the ladies

a group of men drinking cocktails

  • It's never to late to change your path. It was only in my 30's when I got myself together and realised what I wanted to do with my life.

  • It's nice to be nice and it's not that hard.

  • We are how we think. If your head is constantly filled with anger or negativity that's what you'll project to the outside world and you can't fake it..... People can spot a billy bull shitter a mile off.

  • We become what we are around. If you're surrounding yourself with bad eggs you're gonna match their behavior...... Instead choose to fill your life with people that will lift you up..... It's a real game change

  • Meditation, mindfulness and exercise rock!

  • This is YOUR life so make your own rules up. If you wanna flip burgers at Maccies then go home to spend time with you family (Go for it)..... If you wanna be the next Bill Gates, great (Go for it).

  • The price of you choosing to be yourself is having to put up with people's angst with you being yourself

A Cartoon of a group of stick men saying who are you

  • If you're asking others to accept you then it's only fare that you offer them the same curtesy. Equality is equality - It goes both ways

  • If you want something whatever that may be throw EVERYTHING you have at it.

  • It's OK not to be OK..... It's not a sign of weakness to ask for help

  • Life is short so Party HARD, love, live, learn, fail (lots), grow and carve your own path…. OWN IT AND ENJOY THAT SHIT.

A last blog image with the blogger in representing his final thoughts

I don't think we ever stop learning do we? There's always lessons to learn and if we get to the point where we think we know enough..... That's when we become arrogant, complacent and lazy


I'd love to know what your lessons are.... You might inspire me to be better.

I'll leave you with my last lesson. A lesson given to you by my other half. He simply says

Give a shit


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