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5 Things To Tell Yourself When You're Having A Bad Day

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"You are the single biggest influence in your life" - Oprah Winfrey

Even the most self-aware of us can fall into a slump without realising...... then BANG we've spent the last few days focused on all of the negative things in our life (I know I have).

What's the important thing to realise in this situation?

Well..... A helpful thing to realise is that these are negative thought patterns are unhealthy and although we can't help the thoughts that enter into our heads sometimes we can take an active decision to choose what to focus our attention on...... and in turn this will help change our negative mindset into a more healthy and positive one.

So how do we do this?

Well some of us will want to talk to others about it. Some of us might do something physical like go for a walk or hit the gym...... What happens for me usually is that I stumble on some social media post that reminds me of exactly what I need to hear at the time and like a good kick up the arse it gets me focused again.

I'd like to share with you now a few of those things to remember that I tell myself on those days when I think it's just not going my way.......

It will Pass

A image of the the sky saying the sun always shines after the storm representing being in a bad mood will pass

It's hard to realise when your in the middle of something but things will pass and situations will change...... The place your in now is only temporary so dig deep people, put your head down and carry on. Things will change and you'll get through it.

You Are Enough

A image of a woman with the words you are enough on it

I'll be honest here. However much I know and understand that comparing myself to others is destructive and serves no purpose I can't help it some days. The problem with this is that eventually I always loose.

No matter what your comparing yourself to there will always be someone bigger, better, funnier, intelligent, more attractive etc.

What you should focus on reminding yourself is

"I am Enough"

This Mantra should remind us all that everyone has the right to be heard, accepted and feel validated no matter what our situation is.

You Are Not Alone

I image saying the words i want you to know that someone out there  cares

I'll say it how it is....

"We are all just as fucked up as each other and that's OK"

We might feel alone at times but find comfort in the fact we are all in this together. There are people that might be going through the exact same thing as you, you just don't know it. I find that when I remind myself of this, whatever I'm going through doesn't seem so scary cos I know I am not alone.

You Have A Choice

a image of a man exercising to represent health and happiness is a choice

If your not happy about something in your life, you don't have to put up with it...... There's always a choice. We don't have to suffer in silence and change is hard but if your not happy where you are, you can always do something about it.

"Don't worry about the things you can't change, focus on the things you can"

You Got This

a picture of a dog with the words you got this

If your feeling overwhelmed with things, think about the things you've overcome and achieved. We all have a tendency to underestimate our own abilities. Think about it though..... You've been through things before and overcome them....... Be strong, trust your abilities and know you can do this.

the last image of the blog showing the blogger and his final thoughts
Final Thoughts

Most people underestimate the impact our thoughts have on our lives. Research is very clear though, the way we choose to think about things have a physical effect on our lives. Choose to focus on negativity and more negative things will come into our lives.

"Choose the opposite however and focus mainly on the good stuff and that's what you'll attract"

Please share the post with anyone that might need a little extra help.


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