Are We Only Allowed To Suffer From Our Mental Health?

I've suffered from mental health for over 2 decades since my early 20's and it's fare to say the first half of that was nothing short of a complete shit show. I was young and completely lacking in the skills I needed to help myself so as a result I spent 10 years drifting from place to place trying to escape my woes but ultimately always ending up having to restart somewhere because things went tits up.

Luckily though with a lot of help and a bit of luck things started to get better after I turned 30. I managed to get a handle on my mental health and with that came stability.... Stability enough for me to settle down, park my roots and start my journey with the healing & recovery process.

What Do I Take From This?

Was it dark? Absolutely..............Would I wish it on anybody? Absolutely NOT!

Would I change it if I could?


Without my struggles, I wouldn't be here today and today is where I'm at my happiest. This raises the question though.....

Are We Only Allowed To Suffer From Our Mental Health?

It's a strange question I get it but it's a question I often ask myself. The truth is my mental health has been both a blessing and a curse and yes I've suffered but I've also been given a gift from it all and this idea in the Psychological world has a name and that name is "Post Traumatic Growth"