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Can City Living Be Good For Our Mental Health?

The title image of the blog saying Can City Living Be Good For Our Mental Health?
One Love Manchester

Everywhere you turn, there’s always someone going on about how they long to get out of the rat race and go live the rural life. From the fresh air in his lungs and grass under her feet they talk about how life in the countryside the cure to all modern aliments is.

There are others like me however that can’t get enough of the hustle and bustle of the modern city and for us urban life offers endless pleasures for the mind, body and soul. With that in mind here are a few examples of how living in a city can add value both psychically and mentally.

Money Money Money

a image showing lots of money

Incomes in the city tend to be a lot higher than those in rural places normally resulting in a better standard of living. This is mainly because Job pools, careers progression and entrepreneurial opportunities are far greater its cities. There’s no limits to where you could go.

Things To Do, Places To Go & People To See

a calendar with the words busy written on every date representing busy life living in A city

With all the theatres, bars and restaurants there’s always something to do. There are so many shows, concerts and plays to be seen that you could venture out every day of the year and never get bored. Not only will this expand your cultural awareness but it’ll improve your mood and general well being as well.

Feel The Burn

Manchester Fit City representing exercise
Manchester Fit City

Where ever you are in a city you’ll only be a stone throw away from some sort of sporting activity or gym so there’s no excuse to not get that six pack you’ve always wanted.


Manchester Hospital representing healthcare
Manchester Kids Hospital

Need to see a Doctor? Cities hold the best of the best. You’ll not only have access to better treatment but in all probability it’ll be cheaper and faster.


Manchester Arndale representing shopping
Manchester Arndale

Whether your looking for that perfect outfit for Friday night or you’ve got a craving for another bottle of wine at 2 in the morning the chances are you’ll be able to find it in a bustling city. They have bigger shops and brands with more independent outlets and generally stores stay open a lot longer in urban areas with some shops staying open 24/7.


Canal Street representing a diverse city
Canal Street

Living in a city exposes you to whole world full of different cultures. This exposure to other cultures has been proven to make you smarter, healthier and happier. It also teaches and encourages empathy and tolerance of others.

Social Life

Manchester Deansgate representing social life
Deansgate Manchester

With access to cheaper, faster and more regular forms of transport you’ll never be alone again. The ability to meet up with friends more often has been shown to improve our mental health so whether it’s an old friend or fresh face why not jump on a tram and go say hello.

The last image of the blog with the blogger in it representing his final thoughts
Final Thoughts

Where do you live and how does that effect your mental health?

I've been a city boy for 15 years now and the opportunities Manchester has afforded me to help with my mental health just wouldn't be possible in a small rural town like where I grew up.

As always ladies and gents if you enjoy what I'm writing please share on all your social media and all that good stuff.


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