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Dealing With Burnout

Jesus..... It's a stressful time to be alive eh! It’s been nearly 8 months now of this current shit show and last week we found out that we're going into a new national lockdown for a month. 

It seems relentless.... You can't turn anywhere without seeing and hearing about the pandemic and even the best of us are feeling the pinch at the minute so that's why it's super important we keep a check on our mental wellness because if it's starts to run then we're at risk of burning out.

What Is Burnout? 

"Burnout is when you're in a constant state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. It can leave us to stressed and overwhelmed to cope with our daily lives"

Back in the day burnout was spoken about in terms of employment but we’re now seeing more and more that people are burning out because of the stress in their personal lives.

It's a tight rope trying to find balance and peace in our lives and it seems that when 1 card falls the whole deck collapse which if gone unchecked can lead to us burning out. 

So If you'd like to know more about this and how to deal with feeling burnt out then this blogs for you..... let's talk about it

Factors That Increase The Risk Of Burnout

A picture of matched burning out

The propensity for burnout depends on who you are, the stresses you're experiencing and how and you’re dealing with them and although stuff effects us all in different ways there are some common factors that will increase our risks of burning out. These include -

  • Finding it hard to find balance between work and home.

  • Lack of support from others 

  • Lack of sleep 

  • No control in your life

  • A negative outlook in life.

Now that we know what increases our risk of burning out let’s look at what happens if we get to that point.

Signs And Symptoms Of Burnout

Matches that have burnt out

The psychological symptoms of burnout include anxiety or nervousness, hopelessness, depression, low tolerance for stressful situations, and low energy or fatigue. Additionally, you may experience insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and oversleeping. 

Loss of appetite or overeating, taking sedatives or other drugs, and smoking or drinking are common reactions to ailments. Other symptoms include withdrawing from close relationships, blaming or criticizing others, and watching television for more than two hours a day.

Physical symptoms can include back pain, muscle tension, gastrointestinal upset, irregular heartbeat, or persistent colds. 

The goal is to learn how to prevent burning out. However, here are some recovery tactics that will help us all blow out that burnout flame.

Dealing With Burnout

Dealing with burn out

Accept your negative feelings of confusion, anger, depression, and fear as a normal part of the burnout process.

Realizing the emotional pain of burnout is part of recovery and not a sign of weakness. Talking to other people not only relieves some of your emotional stress, but it also strengthens your body's immune system to fight physical illnesses caused by burnout.

When you recover from an illness, you know that it will take time to regain your strength. It's similar with burning out. When you're burnout, it's reasonable to expect less from yourself until you've recovered.

Once you are burnt out, you must work to relax. Relaxation exercises, massages, and physical exercise relax your body, and your mind will follow.

Focus more of your time and energy on personal relationships and social activities if you're burned out in your job. Invest more of yourself in meaningful work..... If you're burned out from a relationship Realize that your expectations of yourself may have been unrealistically high. 

Take the time to step back and review where you've been and where you really want to go in your life, set realistic goals.

Finally, the recovery process from burnout will come faster with a professional therapist who can help you regain your perspective and get back on track. 

Final thoughts by the blogger

It’s such a weird one burnout isn’t it! It’s not like other mental health issues where they can test for it as it effects people differently every time.

The best advice I can give you though is learning to recognize the distinctive warning signs of burnout so you can take the steps needed to prevent serious health problems from developing. 

I hope you liked this one. speak soon. x


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