What Can You Do To Help Recover From Depression?

I'm going to start a new series of blogs dedicated to giving you the basic knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and where else to start than the most "common" issue that will effect us all at some point in our lives.....Depression.

Let's talk about it and understand the basics of recovery.

Depression can be describe as a lot of things but the way I see it is as a foggy cloud that can at times surround your life and effect how you see things. Think of it as an anchor that can attach itself to you..... It doesn't stop us living but with it it's hard work....everything is a effort and if not dealt properly it can stop us from functioning.

Depression tricks you into thinking that it's part of you, inescapable, incurable and on some level it's an effect of our lives and not a cause of our life situation.


"All this is bullshit...... It's not part of you or your personality. It's a parasite."

And with every parasite it can be killed and making small changes in your life can give you the best chance of defeating it so below I'm going to talk about what I do in my life that helps me fight the onset of a depressive mindset...... The basics of recovery.

Get Some Exercise

If you'd asked me 5 years ago about exercise you would have probably got the following responses;...... "I haven't got time", "I don't need it, I'm not fat", "I'm already fit and healthy"..... Blah Blah Blah

Nowadays, the truth is very different...... Exercise has sorted out my mental health better than any pill I have ever taken..... Ever. After exercise I'm motivated, fresh, focused, energised and I feel good about myself.

I can honestly say exercise will always be part of my life.