Help A Loved One With Their Mental Health

Be that shining light for someone

It can be heart breaking to see a loved one struggle especially when it involves mental illness.

How do you think you would react if it was one of your nearest and dearest?.....Would you know what to do?

A hard truth is that mental health can be complicated a lot of the time and misunderstood most of the time so it's understandable a lot of us wouldn't know how to react but "knowledge is power" and just knowing the very basics can go a long way in supporting someone with mental illness.

That's why I wrote this post. I wanted to put together a quick guide on what we can all do to help those around us who might be struggling so if you're interested in that..... Let's talk about it.

Be Their Eyes

be observent
I Got You, I See You

Mental illness differs from the normal low mood, anxiety and stress we all feel in our day to day lives. These unhealthy thoughts and feelings can normally be dealt with and eliminated fairy easily but mental Illness it isn't logical or rational so trying to find meaning from confusion can be a real struggle for some.

That's where we can help....

We can be the eyes that notice the changes in a person’s behaviour, talk or mood and although we might not be able to understand things from their point of view we can help them connect a few dots together, be the one that see's when things are getting bad and get them the help they need.