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How To Make A Self-Care Kit

Whether it's just one of those days when the world seems against you and you need a little pick me up a self-care box can be just what the doctor ordered..... A little gift from you to you to remind yourself things are not always as bad as they seem.

I know for me when I'm in a state and just want to watch the world burn I use my Self-Care Box to remind myself to be more loving of myself and others.

What to put in them though.....

Well that's the good thing..... Anything goes. Anything that means something to you that is gonna nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Let me give you some examples.

Somethig To Watch

Movies can be a great distraction from bad feelings, and provide us with something else to think about for a while..... Movies can also take us to other worlds, and watching a film while upset can really change our mood..... Just make sure you choose an uplifting movie.

Something To Touch

Include something that you can touch as this encourages your muscles to relax. Therapy putty, stress balls, spiky balls, and squishy balls are great for this cos when we experience low levels of emotions having something to touch can help us relax and sooth the body.

Something To Remember

Store printed photos of the ones we love in the box..... Looking at their faces can remind us how much we are loved and supported.

What about storing other things as well..... Little nic nacs to take us back to happier moments in our lives.

Something To Read

Write some of your favorite inspirational quotes or sayings on cut-up strips of craft paper, sticky notes, or small note cards. These are helpful to look at whenever we're feeling depressed, unmotivated, sad, or anxious..... Why not include some letters from loved ones as well for encouragement and support..... Feel the love.

Something To Listen To

Make a list of your favorite songs and podcasts and put it in the box. Listening to our favorite power jams can brighten our mood almost instantly. Choose songs that uplift, energize, and empower you. As for podcasts, include some that remind of you things you care about.

Something To Write

Keeping a journal and some pens in your box is a great way to incorporate self reflection into your self care regimen. Make it a special journal that you only use for self care.

Something To Smell

Scented candles can be a powerful tool for refreshing our mind and calming our emotions, especially if you use them in tandem with other soothing actions like meditation or a bubble bath. Aromatherapy can help ease any stress or anxiety and help us wind down for a good night’s sleep.

Something To Eat

Giving ourself a little treat can uplift our mood and be an act of self-nurturing. Dark chocolate, nuts, salty chips, and baked goods are great options to give our brain and body a little boost.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of me time and self-care. Life can be tough sometimes so stepping back for 5 minutes and focusing on making sure we're OK can work magic on our mental health.

What would you put in yours?

As always, thanks for reading..... If you could sprinkle this post around that would be lovely.

Until next time xx


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