Are You Laughing At Me?..... Is It Ok To Laugh At Mental Illness?

I'll ask it straight.....Is it ever ok to laugh at mental illness?

The first thing that came into my head was No....No No No but the more I think about it the more questions come up and the less confident I am with that answer.... Can we talk about it?

First things first. Let's be honest and admit that we all at some point have made a joke or laughed at something that thinking about it might be cutting it a little too close to the bone right?.... I know I have

Where's the line though? When does it go to far and what topics are off limits?

It's a tough question for sure but for me I'll be the first in line to take the mic out of my own mental health situation. In my expereince I find it a great way of breaking down barriers with people and showing that there's nothing to worry about...... If I'm OK with my dissabilites you don't have to worry 😁

It's not always been like this though and I get it.... For some there is nothing funny about their situation. Some peoples struggles are very real and very difficult so laughing at them does nothing but damage. .....It can be dismissive, making those feel like weirdos...... Exactly the opposite of what they need to hear.

The power of laughter though cannot be ignored. Laughter has been proven time and time again to help with mental wellness. It can fill us with those good chemicals that fight off sadness, anxiety, anger and dep