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Loneliness, Isolation & Mental Health

Being honest, I have never in my whole life experienced anything like what is going on all over the world right now with the effects of the Corona-virus and according to all reports this public health crisis is just getting starting and it’s going to get a lot worse.

Not only has my work and University closed but all the bars, restaurants, Cinemas, gyms and any other communal activity you can think of are about to shut. I'm feeling a huge sense of loss and isolation and I have never been more aware of how all of this is going to start hitting our mental health's.

It's for these reasons why it’s so important that we all try to keep focused and put into a routine things that are going to promote and sustain a positive mental mindset.

So.......Let's start with a bit of self-awareness.

Mental Health Quiz's, Assessments and Surveys

The first link below is to an NHS services website quiz. This 18 question survey will help you realise what your general mood is and depending on your results it will suggest some really useful website services and strategies that can help you over come any mental health blocks you are experiencing right now.

The second link is to a whole bunch of quiz’s that are a little more specific in their nature. With these you can test your anxiety levels, susceptibility to depressions and a whole manner of different mental health issues.

It might be scary for some and you might not want to hear the results but knowledge is power. The more you know about what’s going on in your head the more power you have to do something about it.

Things To Consider To Promote A

Positive Mindset


Exercise is so important for keeping a positive mental health attitude. Not only will it keep you physically healthy to tackle the coronavirus on a practical level which is so crucial during these times but it will promote a relaxed mindset slowing your racing thoughts down allowing you to process what's going on in a more healthy way.

For me I can honestly say exercise has had the biggest impact on my mental wellness, more so than anything else I have ever tried (and I've tried a lot) and you don’t have to spend a fortune either. There is an endless amount of free resources online such as workout routines you can access so why not have a google. You will find something you can do and enjoy (trust me).

I've provided a link below to a huge list of at home exercise training activities that might give you some inspiration.


Mindfulness is the process of developing the mind to become presently aware of our thoughts and what's going on. Although it’s relatively new research it's crystal clear about how beneficial it can be towards our mind's health. It helps out with anxiety, depression, low moods and loads of different aspects related to your mental well being.

Healthy Eating

I hope this one is a no brainer to everyone. It’s true, the supermarkets are struggling to keep the shelves stocked because of the coronavirus and it may seem some people have a weird obsession with toilet paper but trying to keep a healthy diet will have a huge impact on your general mood.

It might sound weird but because a lot of the shelves are bare when me and my partner went food shopping we were forced to look for alternatives for things we would normally buy and I'm not gonna lie we came out with probably the best shop we have done in ages. We’re being forced to try stuff we normally wouldn't try and I'm loving it.

Have Some Down Time

Yes it’s important that we stayed informed as to what’s going with the Coronavirus but we can’t let ourselves become consumed by it. Last week I would be reading everything and anything to do with the Coronavirus but it lead to my anxiety going into overdrive. Now I will only allow myself to watch the highlights. That way I’m still in the know but I'm not overwhelmed with the situation.

It can be a vicious circle sometimes. The more you read of a topic the more you become invested in it so you start reading everything you can get hold of. It will only lead to a depressive unhealthy mindset I can tell you.

Instead limit the time that you engage with the subject then try to focus on more healthy positive subjects. It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom.

Keep In Contact

Keep In Contact

It's so easy to fall into a rut. The more we feel isolated the less we want to engage with others.

What we all need to realise is though is that what will help us through all of this is the people we have around us. Never think you're alone in this situation and if you do, reach out to family and friends.

Feel the warmth that others will show to you.... Love wins. It always has and always will

It's OK To Be Scared

I’ll put it out there. I’m a little scared. I have never in my 40 years experienced anything like what we Are all going through. What I know for sure though is however bad it gets, however much pain we might experience it will pass. One day the clouds will go, the sun will shine and we will get through this..... All of us..... Together.

We Are All In This Together

There has never been anything like this in modern times that has the potential to unite us all. Regardless of who you are, what sex you are, whether you’re gay or straight (and all the colours in between), religious or not religious. The Corona-virus is non discriminant and It doesn't give a fuck how you identify.

Lets use this then to re-establish the connection we all share with each other and promote a sense of empathy and understanding. Like I said before Love wins. It is the single thing that runs through every part of our lives.... Without exception.

Take A Hobby

The reality is we will all have a lot of spare time on our hands now things are shutting down. Why not spend that time learning something new. Cooking, speaking a different language, drawing, writing. There has never been a better time to gain something really positive out of something so tragic.

What can I say that will bring comfort to others? I'm not sure, I can't tell you we will come out of this unharmed and I can't tell you what the future will bring but I can give you the steps that you can use to limit the damage this Virus is going to cause. We need to be strong and we need to be together.

So please if your suffering with your mental health reach out to others around you or myself. I promise I will help out as much as I can. There’s plenty of ways to reach out to me if you need to (See below).

Take care people, be safe.....Peace & Love ❤

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