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Men vs Women - Who Has It Better

The blogs title image Man Vs Woman who has it better
Let's Go

The fight for gender equality has been ever lasting, as women and other marginalized genders have sought to achieve equal rights, opportunities, and representation in society.

The main hurdle to equality has been how do you create equality and an even playing field when a man and a woman are so different? Not only are we physically different, but what is expected of us by society and how we live our lives are at opposite ends of scale.

The consequences of these differences mean that unfortunately life is not founded on the principles of equality and depending on the situation a person might be gifted certain privileges because of their gender.

That being said, who do you think gets the better deal, the man or the woman?



  • Men

  • Women


Types of Privilege

Traditionally, it is widely accepted that men do have certain privileges that women do not. For example, men are more likely to hold positions of power in government, business, and other industries, which can give them greater influence and control. They also tend to earn more than women on average, which can provide them with more financial stability and opportunities.

and image with the joking talking about Where's the Gender Equality

In addition, men may face less pressure to conform to society stereotypes, and may be given more freedom to express themselves and break from traditional gender roles without facing as much stigma or judgment. Men are also often portrayed more positively and prominently in media and popular culture, which can reinforce their status and influence.

However, it is important to note that women also have certain privileges that men do not. For example, women may have greater emotional intelligence and empathy, which can help them build stronger relationships and networks. They may also have greater access to certain health services, such as reproductive health care and breast cancer screenings.

A meme of woman saying women can do anything a man can

Women may also face less pressure to conform to strict beauty standards, as they are often valued for qualities beyond their appearance, such as intelligence and compassion. Women may also be more likely to receive support and resources in cases of domestic violence or sexual assault, as society has begun to recognize the importance of supporting survivors and holding perpetrators accountable.

In addition, it is important to acknowledge that privilege is not uniform across all women or all men. Women of color, for example, may experience additional barriers and challenges due to their intersecting identities. Similarly, men who are marginalized based on their race, sexuality, or class may also face additional challenges and barriers.

Even being a gay man I have a type of privilege over other straight men as I'm not bound by as many expectations society places on them and their masculinity.

A gif of oprah representing that we are get took advantage off

Ultimately, the question of who has more privileges, men or women, is not a productive one and for me personally I think it distracts us from the real divide in society and the true privilege that exists between the rich and poor.

Money Money Money

While people of all genders and backgrounds can experience poverty and economic insecurity, the fact is that those who are wealthy and privileged often have access to far more resources and opportunities than those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Money is power and if you have them both you are not bound by the same rules in which the rest of us have to live by. Everything and everyone has a price. Those who are born into wealth or have access to resources and networks can often advance in their careers more quickly and easily, and may have access to better education and other opportunities that can help them succeed.

A man smoking  a dollar present the difference between poor and rich

Don't get me wrong I'm all for making money but when there are people out there that are worth more than entire countries but there's still people struggling to eat I would say that's a pretty clear indicator that the system we live in is fucked.

Ultimately, while the divide between men and women is certainly important and worthy of attention, it is crucial to recognize that the divide between the rich and the poor is perhaps even more significant in terms of the opportunities and resources that people have access to.

The last image in the blog of the blogger and his final thoughts

The question of who has more privileges, men or women, is a complex and nuanced one. While it is true that men do have certain privileges that women do not, it is also important to acknowledge that women have their own set of privileges that men do not.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and found it useful.

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave your comments, questions and feedback below 😊



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