The Importance Of Men's Mental Health

Many men mask their vulnerable feelings and mental health struggles because they are taught from the get go that it's a "Mans Role" to be the protector & provider and to play that role there is no room for "weakness".

A lot of men believe that because of this if they do show any kind of emotional weakness they will be seen as somehow "less than" which in some communities they are. I Know this to be stupid, I hope you do...... Let's talk about it.

Mental Health is complex a lot of the times and not talked about enough and underrepresented all of the time and although in recent years it has been spoken about more openly than ever it still has a long way to go before the stigma ends, especially against men and their mental health and in particular straight men and their mental health..... Why though? What do the research say?

What Do The Stats Say

Men are less likely to be diagnosed with mental illness than women. Mental illness affects one in five women, but only one in eight men. In particular, depression is almost twice as common in women compared to men. Women are also more often diagnosed with anxiety, another common mental illness. Men may not report as much about their health issues just because they treat mental illnesses far less often than women but that isn't the only reason.

Men speak less about mental health than women. Men have fewer cases of mental illness, but they also talk less about their mental health. According to the results of Drug Survey based in Ontario, Canada, in 2018, it isn't only the increasing mental illness of girls. But girls also report psychological problems twice as often as boys. Why though?

Men Should Put Up And Shut Up