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What Can You Do In 28 Day's - The Mental Wellness Challenge

I'm a bit late for Mental Health Month but I'm keeping to the line that every month should focus on mental health awareness so in fact I'm on time if not a little early.


If things go to plan it looks like our lives over the next couple of months should be moving back to the way they were pre-covid. It's not gonna be easy for everyone.... We've been through a lot over the last 12 months haven't we but with the right help we can do this.

For that reason I created this 28 Day Mental Wellness Challenge. I want us to work together and focus on boosting our wellbeing..... Over the next 28 days I've created daily challenges for us all to help us take back control of our mental health and give us that jump start so when we're let out of lockdown we're fighting fit and ready to go.

If you're up for the challange simply download the file below and get going..... What have you got to lose?..... It's that simple.

28 Day Lockdown Wellness Challenge -conv
Download • 113KB

Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

I'd love to know how you all get on so please share your progress with me.

Like, Comment or Subscribe - And if you can sprinkle this post around a little that would be great.... I hope you enjoy it all guys and girls x


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