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Tips To Create A Healthy & Happy Home

The blogs title image with the words saying tips to create a healthy and happy home

How you all doing during this Coronavirus lock down? ...... I'm having my up's and down's not gonna lie but like with anything out of our control we just have to get on with it don't we.

I was debating what to write this week so for some inspiration I had a quick look through my old blogs. I found that I talked about how creating a happy home can promote a healthy mental mindset. It was my first ever blog post I think and it was a bit basic but super relevant to what's going on in the world right now.

I decided I wanted to release it again but with serious edits to make it even more current.

Here it is......I hope you like it...... What you can do to your home that will help you get through the lock down.

Make Every Room Count

A book with works covered in pink ben representing how you should make everything count

Big or small it doesn’t matter how much of a room or space you have, make it count. Leaving a room cluttered or unfinished can be a drain on energy and mind. If you truly want to feel comfortable or content in your home make every room one that you would want to spend time in.

Let There Be Light

A picture of the earth and it says and he named in light day to represent how we should be people llight

Countless research and resources has shown that bright fresh living spaces support a positive impact on our minds. A dark and dingy home only creates unease, stress & anxiety but a light bright space will promote positive mental health so why not make the best of the natural lighting your home provides and pair it up with some clever artificial options that promote a calm welcoming space.

Plant Power

a room with a lot of plants in it presenting plant power

If your anything like me, trying to keep house plants alive for any significant amount of time is a work in progress but if you are gifted with the green finger why not add character to your home by bringing the outside in and adding a few flowers or plants. They’ve been shown to promote positivity…… And if you are like me, why not add some fake ones. They look good and they’ll convince your mates your Zen and at 1 with nature.

Tidy Home - Tidy Mind

a image of suitcase open with clothes out of them representing the idea of a tidy home a tidy mind

This one’s a bit of a no brainer. We all can be a bit messy at times but keeping our homes tidy and de-cluttered helps clear and focus the mind.

Fresh Fresh Fresh

a image of a row a newly painted houses to represent how we should keep our homes fresh

What a perfect time to give everything a lick of paint. It can be cheap(ish) and can make a huge positive difference to the overall feel of your home.

Mix It Up

A image of arrows pointing in different directions representing how we should mix it up

Just like giving everything a fresh paint makeover why not also have a switch around. You'll feel like your living in a completely new space and it'll help with those positive mental thoughts and feelings.


a image of a neon sign saying this is our happy place representing how we should accessories our homes

Just because we may not be able to re-decorate the psychical parts of your home doesn’t mean you can’t inject a bit of your personality into the home. Research has shown that adding colour has a positive effect on our physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Why not pop over to Ikea and treat yourself to some affordable bits and bobs. It’ll make your home feel more a part of you.

Ultimately what makes a home a home is the people and things in it. More and more we are learning that what we get out is directly related to what we put it so why not put you’re a game on not only on the outside but on the inside as well.

Wall of Positivity

A wall with a lot of positive messages in photo frames

Why not create a place in your home that is a constant reminder off all the positive things in your life. It doesn't have to cost a fortune and you can source everything online and get it delivered to your front door without leaving the house (Amazon, Ebay or Ikea would be a good starting place to look).

The last image with the blogger in it representing his final thoughts
Final Thoughts

Most of us are stuck in doors and I genuinely believe there can be a link between our homes and our mental health and let's face it. We all need to do whatever is needed to get through this without suffering to much damage to our mental health so switch things up and have a play about. It'll Keep you busy and help you stay happier and healthier in the mind, body and spirit.


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