Tips To Create A Healthy & Happy Home

How you all doing during this Coronavirus lock down? ...... I'm having my up's and down's not gonna lie but like with anything out of our control we just have to get on with it don't we.

I was debating what to write this week so for some inspiration I had a quick look through my old blogs. I found that I talked about how creating a happy home can promote a healthy mental mindset. It was my first ever blog post I think and it was a bit basic but super relevant to what's going on in the world right now.

I decided I wanted to release it again but with serious edits to make it even more current.

Here it is......I hope you like it...... What you can do to your home that will help you get through the lock down.

Make Every Room Count

Big or small it doesn’t matter how much of a room or space you have, make it count. Leaving a room cluttered or unfinished can be a drain on energy and mind. If you truly want to feel comfortable or content in your home make every room one that you would want to spend time in.

Let There Be Light

Countless research and resources has shown that bright fresh living spaces support a positive impact on our minds. A dark and dingy home only creates unease, stress & anxiety but a light bright space will promote positive mental health so why not make the best of the natural lighting your home provides and pair it up with some clever artificial options that promote a calm welcoming space.