What Do Facebookers Say About Happiness?

What do facebookers say about happiness


Lockdown happened..... AGAIN...... I hate it, it sucks.

I didn't handle the first one to well to be honest but things are different now..... You lot are different now.... We know how this works now, we know the ends in sight we just have to dig deep one last time.

Its really been a journey for us all hasn't it and what better way of spreading a message about happiness during these dark times than getting you lot involved 🙌


I asked my fellow Facebookers what were their top tips for wellness and if you'd give me 5 minutes I'd love to share with you what they said.

So here it is, the answers to the most complex question in life "What do facebookers say about happiness?'

And the people say.....
  • Make sure you set aside a bit of each day for 'me' time. Sounds contrite, but spending a bit of time, relaxing, doing something (or nothing) you enjoy really helps

  • Keep active and if working from home get dressed and go for a walk around the block to get to work and the same at the end of the day.

  • Removing toxic people, finding productive hobbies to do, spending time alone to be confident in your own company

  • I try to see the positive in everything I can. I drive people crazy I think. I had a friend save a grand randomly for a holiday and something came up and he had to use the money and was so angry about how crap his luck was, it’s always goes wrong and now his savings are gone for a holiday. I said didn’t he think the good luck was that he had randomly managed to save £1000 just when he really needed it? It’s all perspective I suppose. When it’s raining look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars and all that jazz.

  • Learn a craft, it's all out there on YouTube or Pinterest. Very calming both mentally and physically and you get the joy of achieving something. Plus nice homemade gifts to give.

  • First of all the strength to admit when you are struggling and second the strength to accept help and thirdly know that you have to take positive active steps in keeping your well being

  • Stop and take some deep breaths. Put your phone away for the day. Cut off toxic people. Take a day time bath