Why Happiness Is A Choice (Part 1)

Everyone really wants to be happy right????.... but most people expect happiness to appear out of nowhere and stay forever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Happiness is a choice, a certain approach to life that we take and of which we must be aware. Happiness is a matter of feeling good about yourself, a state where you are in perfect harmony with life, with the universe, with everything...... It’s a feeling. A well-being experience that you can create yourself......It’s not going to fall on you..... It’s not going to come knocking on your door BUT the great news is, you can create your happiness. You just have to know how to do it.

Almost everyone is in search of happiness. As if happiness was hidden somewhere and we had to go on a treasure hunt..... We have this belief that happiness is ‘out there somewhere, and we try every way to catch it, like a hunter who goes hunting to catch a wild animal.

Having said that.... Can we find it?.... Is happiness outside of us?.... Wouldn’t we be happy only ‘if’…?

The Sufi tradition tries to explain this to us with a story.

Their story goes thus:

One evening, people were watching Rabiya looking for something in the street in front of her hut.

They said ‘poor old woman’ and asked, ‘What is it? What are you looking for?’

She says: ‘I lost my needle.’

Everyone began to search, unfortunately without success. At that moment someone asked: ‘Rabiya, the street is wide and night is falling, it will soon be dark and a needle is a very small object, do you remember where it fell?’..... Rabiya replied: ‘I lost the needle inside the house.