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Why Happiness Is A Choice? (Part 2)

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What makes you happy?

Me??? It took a long time for me to even realize what happiness was.

Looking back I thought I was happy, but I think I was numb than anything..... Just plodding along accepting everything that I was given but now..... Now I know what happiness looks like and the difference it can make.

But How?

It's those little changes we can all make that when put together can change the way we think, feel and behave. It's about realizing who we are, finding our purpose and taking control so we can make those healthy decisions and If you'll let me I'd like to share with you what we can do to choose to have happiness in our lives.

It all starts with making a decision. As if one day you decided to learn Italian or Russian. You want to learn it out of necessity (for your work, for example) or out of desire..... In both cases, you are motivated. You sign up for a course and get started.

With happiness, it is the same.... So ask yourself the question:

Do I want to be happy?

‘If the answer is’ yes,’ you are just a few steps away from your goal. But the steps in question, you must, of course, still take them. It is not while dreaming of happiness that suddenly a fairy of happiness with a sparkling magic wand will appear in front of your door.

Make your happiness your number one priority.

image presenting your happiness being number 1 priority

According to psychologist Tom G. Stevens, Ph.D., author of the book

” You Can Choose to Be Happy., the happiest people are invariably those who make their happiness a life goal.”

For example, reprogram your beliefs and values. Learn good self-management strategies, good interpersonal techniques and good professional skills.

Choose to find yourself in environments and in the company of people who can positively contribute to your happiness. The cheerful and most fortunate people are those who put truth and their personal growth at the forefront of their values.”

Turn the page on the past

gif of forgetting the past

Those who don’t lament their past all the time know that happiness is a choice. Each of us has difficulty at times, but we do not all react in the same way. Some choose to heal and then move on, while others fail to let go of the painful events of their past. Just as there is no point in reliving the past, one should not think of the future obsessively!

Don’t underestimate yourself

a image with the words believe in yourself

We all make mistakes, but the most important thing is not not to make mistakes but to know how to get up..... People who are extremely hard on themselves don’t realize that happiness is a choice because they are too busy demanding and faulting themselves. You have to admit yourself as you are if you want to be able to taste happiness. You have to understand the difference between the things you can change and what you can only accept.

Free yourself from toxic people

yoda talking about taking control of your life

Unfortunately, some people do everything to be happy but do not know how to surround themselves. You may unknowingly have people around you who have a certain hold on you.... manipulate you.... and do not wish you well.

Knowing how to recognize toxic people and free themselves from them is an important step in finally knowing happiness. It is not easy, however, because some bad people can be members of our family.

Show benevolence

Happiness is majorly a state of mind, and like the law of attraction, the more we put ourselves in a level to receive it, the more we receive! By spreading joy and doing good around you, you will attract happiness into your life. Be kind, loving and caring, and you will find that your loved ones and the people you meet will pay you back a hundredfold.


Obviously, being unhappy is a costly condition. Because the relationship to the world of someone who is unhappy is based on permanent suffering, this state of ill-being does not make life easy. We do not wish anyone a daily life of sadness and pain. Yet this drawback is viewed by some people as a constraint that they are willing to accept. I accept to be unhappy even if I no longer have sufficient reasons to be because I refuse to give up all the advantages that this status confers on me.

This situation is different from a man ready to work twelve hours a day to earn a large salary or an athlete ready to suffer martyrdom in training to win a competition. If being unhappy is the price to pay for these benefits, I may be tempted to pay it, especially if I see no other way to achieve this status and have built a lot of my relationships with others on this suffering. Because relatives very often find their account in the misfortune of others.

last blog image with the blogger and his final thoughts

The greater your desire, or the greater the necessity, the more you invest. Therefore, you must want it - or be obliged to do it - otherwise, you will not have enough motivation to reach the end.

I'd really love to know about the things that you all do to choose happiness so why not leave a comment below.

As always if you could sprinkle this post about a bit that would help me out a lot.... Until next time xx


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