The 28 day Mental Health Challenge

I'm a bit late for Mental Health Awareness Month but I'm keeping to the line that every month should be mental health awareness...... so in fact I'm on time if not a little early.


After my last blog on Exercise I was asked if I could write a post about how to improve your metal health if you were't able to exercise for whatever reason.   

In response to this I going to do 2 posts - . The first is here and it's a 28 day Mental Wellness Challenge I created with the focus on promoting good mental health. 

The second will be a post all about Mindfulness. A lot of people are saying it's the next big thing when it comes to self-care of so I'd love for you all to know a little about it..... If you don't already.

The way this challenge works is that I give you a challenge to do and focus on every day in the hope that by the end of it you'll have learnt some self-care techniques that you can do that will will give your mental health a good old MOT.

I've studied Positive Psychology now for 2 years so everything that I'm asking you to do promotes mental Wellness,  however large or small depending on how you like them. Research has shown us that small changes make big differences and repeated practice can both change bad habits and promote betters ones. 

Click the 28 Day Mental Wellness Challenge.pdf to download the file.

I'd love to know how you all get on so so please share your progress with me. 

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