Apply these 10 Tips For A Good Relationship

Everyone wants the big romance don't they? 

Being in a relationship is a golden experience & journey especially when it's with the right person(s). I've been with my other half for just under 6 years now and although in that time he's managed to snatch the 2 titles of being the best thing that ever happened to me and the most annoying person that ever existed I wouldn't change it for a second. 

So what makes a good relationship?

Well below I've listed the most popular 10 tips experts say on what makes a successful relationship. Let's talk about it and see what folks are saying.....

Tip 1 - Showing Unconditional Love.... (Mmmm)

unconditional love

What do you think about this one?

Love is the first and most important force of any successful relationship. When there is a mutual love between you and your partner, you tend to feel happiness and security more. 

But how far do you go? 

Unconditional love means accepting each other for who they are without aiming for perfection and unrealistic expectations. It's a emotional feeling that binds people together so you gotta love them without question..... UNLESS they're a serial killer or cheater and things like that..... Then you have permission to dump their arse after running a million miles in the other direction first.

Tip 2 - Ability To Easily Forgive

say sorry

Forgiveness is not always easy but as a couple, it's important to note that mistakes are inevitable and the ability to forgive each other makes for a better relationship. You can't be holding onto rage because that stuff will just eat you alive the more you keep it in.

Some successful unions have gone through a lot of struggles but owning your mistakes and saying sorry to them is the first step in working past them.... and hey, everyone is allowed to make mistakes, we're only human. It's what we do after and how we deal with them mistakes that's important. There's always good lessons to be learnt from mess ups. 

Tip 3 - Regular Communication

In my personal opinion this is what makes or breaks relationships. If your not talking to each that's a big sign. You both need to know exactly where the other one is not only in the relationship but in everyday life.  We're not mind readers so speak up. Find a way of communicating with each other in a way the other person responds to on a healthy level..... It really is the key to holding down a successful long term relationship.

Tip 4 - Grow As A Team

teamworkUs against the world 💖

Teamwork is better than a sole trader. The result of teamwork is far greater than working alone. Working together as a team will benefit you and your spouse both emotionally, mentally and financially. Show them that you have their back when things get tough. It's a great virtue in a relationship and will make you both stronger.

Tip 5 - Motivate Each Other

Support Each Other

Motivation and encouragement goes a long way in creating a successful and long lasting relationship, the fact that your spouse knows that you have their back is key. Sometimes your partner may get discouraged in life and your words of encouragement can boost his or her moral to do more to achieve success so pick up them pom pom's and be their biggest cheerleader. 

Tip 6 - Show Respect To Their Families And Friends

A successful relationship means accepting your spouse and their loved ones too. Even when you don't like his friends and family, you need to respect them for the sake of the love you both share. Respecting them means respecting your partner.

Tip 7 - Compliments 


Giving compliments can boost your spouse's self confidence. Withholding compliments aren’t good for you or your relationship so be their number one fan. Be honest and acknowledge the good and bad things they do. There's a reason why your with them so tell them.... They'll love you even more. It's nice to be nice.  

Tip 8 - Always Say The Magic Word "Thank You": 

Everyone loves to be appreciated for their little efforts or sacrifices so kindly say "thank you" when necessary and when you appreciate it. Just because you may have been in a relationship for a while doesn't mean you should get complacent and take the other half for granted. 

Tip 9 - Always Have Fun And Be Romantic

Have fun

A Healthy relationship needs more good moments, giggles and fun. Being too serious about your relationship will always make it dull so Initiate fun whenever you are around your spouse and don't be boring. 

There's a million and one different ways to enjoy yourself so be creative, make an effort and notice what happens when you do make that effort.  

Tip 10 - Make Your Own Rules Up In That Relationship 

This is a biggie for me. I have learnt over the last few years that we need to live our relationships by our own rules. Don't live by what others think a relationship should look like, create your own..... Just make sure you both agree  on the rules you create.  


What makes your relationship special? I'd love to hear all your thoughts?

The last tip of advice I would give to anyone is be true to yourself. Everyone has their own wants and needs a relationship and yes your's need to be met but so do there's as well so be honest with yourself. Are you fulfilling your role as a partner  and are they fulfilling your needs in relationship? 

Speak to you soon 

thank youBye