How To Create A Self-Care Kit

Do you ever have those days when everything sucks and seems to go wrong? ..... I hate them, they put me in a right grump but what can we do about them?

Well after deep diving on the tinternet I came across articles on “Mental Health Care-Kits” and I loved the idea so much that I'd like to share with you what I learnt if that was OK?!

What are self-care kits?

The short answer is that they’re a type of coping mechanism people use to help care for their mental wellness when it’s being challenged. It’s a box full of goodies that can remind us it’s not always doom and gloom. 

The great thing about them as well is that you can be as creative as you like. You can fill them up with anything and everything so that on a bad day you can bring it out to help flip that mood.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy and find helpful I've put a list together of some things that I and other people use. 

You never know it might give you some inspiration for what to put in yours… Enjoy 

Something to watch

something to watch

Escaping into a favourite film or TV show can be a great way to get out of your head for a while and maybe that’s all you need….. A break from you thoughts and feelings. 

Weighted Blanket

I don’t use one personally but I’ve had talks with friends who say they’re a game-changer that helps them with anxiety, calming of the body and getting a good night’s sleep

The research out there is pretty tight in support of this as well so if you want to know more why not do a quick google search and read up about what other people are saying about them….. Reviews from places like Amazon Or Ebay would be a good start.  

Something Nostalgic 

Something Nostalgic

Why not keep something that can take you back to a happy memory or time in your life when things were good. 

This could be anything. I use music to take me back to a happy place but yours could be a certain drink or food, a certain smell, a film, music album, playlist…. The list is  endless. 

A written note or letter

Some happy thoughts from others can do wonders for our mental health. Why not keep these as a little reminder of all the lovely things people say about you. It doesn’t have to be an essay with people saying you’re the best thing since sliced bread but maybe just a few notes reminding you that you are loved and that you are enough just the way you are….. I know I’d love that. 

A letter to yourself 

If you don’t feel you can ask others to write you a little positive affirmations note why not follow your advice and write yourself something. Who knows better than you about what you need to hear and when? Remind yourself of who you are and why you’re enough.

A photo

This is very similar to the last 2. A photo can often transport you back to a happy thought or feeling. 



This is the main one for me. I use headphones all the time because they can block out whatever is happening on the outside. They can help with your distracting thoughts by focusing your attention on what you are listening to whether that be music, podcasts, films or a good audio book. 


I don’t personally have a journal but I know for sure these help a lot for other people. Writing for some can be very cathartic and the people I have talked to about them always say that writing things down releases the negativity they feel trapped with. 

Treat food or Snack

snack food

I love exercise and healthy living but there are some days when the gym and healthy eating have to be kicked out of the window and on them days all bets are off. 

As long as your not stuffing your face with 20,000 calories worth of takeouts a treat day of all your favourite snacks, drinks and food can never be a bad thing.

final thoughts

Self-care kits are a great way of coping when you're having a bad day. What could be better than a whole bunch of goodies that make you smile. They don’t have to cost a fortune and you get to pick everything that’s in them.

I really would love to know what you would put in yours so why not give us a comment below on what you’d put  in the Mental health self-care kit x