How To Feel Better In The Way You Look

We're living in very very weird times at the minute aren't we and if you're anything like me you'll be feeling a little frazzled both inside and out.  

I'll look at others sometimes and think 

"God you really have it all figured out don't you?"

But I know that's not true, I know we're all in this together and even the best of us have our bad days. It's such a shame that we neglect ourselves and spend too much time focusing on the beauty of others. 

It's like we forgot about what makes us speical and unique and get wrapped up in the standard of beauty that we are shown in the pages of magazines or on social media. 

The fact is doing this does nothing good and will only lead to us all chipping away at our confidence and self-esteem about the way we look..... and that's why I'm writing this post. 

I want to give everyone a few tips of the trade on how to stop comparing how we look to others and start feeling more comfortable in our own bodies.

The more comfortable and happy we feel about the way we look on the outside the better we'll feel in our own head. So let's talk about how to feel better in the way you look.....

Throw Away What You See In The Media

before and after pics

before and after pics

I mean, do you see it? Do you see how edited these photo's are?  

What we are told by the media about the way we should all look is utter rubbish and unachievable. It used to be just aimed at woman demanding that they look perfect from morning to night but now they've also come for the boys and if your not 6ft and built to the gods wearing the latest designer gear there's no place for you at the table.

Let's brake that down, What is the reality of most people that are in the media? Well they have access to more - 

  • Money

  • Access to the best of the best

  • Personal trainers that will come to your home, brake the door down if necessary and make you do them squats 

  • A GREAT PR team that will shadow you from all negative press and unflattering images

  • Photo editing services

What we are shown is not reality so don't worry if you don't look like a Beyonce or Harry Styles.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

don't compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself with other people might seem harmless but in fact, it can be quite destructive to your sense of self-worth and mental health. Comparisons makes you feel inferior to other people and the reality is regardless of how stunning you are there will always be someone bigger and better around the corner so you will live your life in the negative and thinking you're not good enough. 

Why not focus on compassion, curiosity and inspiration from others instead of competition and comparison.

Smile At Yourself In The Mirror


Give yourself a quick smile and think a positive thought, each time you pass by a mirror. View yourself in the mirror as your dear friend who needs self-confidence, and give compliments to pump you up.... Give yourself a day off from the negative voices. Over time it will work wonders. 

Psychologists found that we are likely to end up in a bad mood if our self-talk is mostly negative thoughts. View yourself more positively and perk. In other words fake it until you make it (Trust me, it works)

Only Buy It If You Can Say “I Love It”

choose carefully

Avoid making impulse buys simply because something is on trend and you are enjoying a day of shopping. Instead, focus on purchasing clothes or other items in which you feel comfortable and that you truly love.

Develop your own sense of style that is unique, personal and based on your type of energy. Evaluate each clothing purchase by what you feel deep inside about it and stay true to yourself.

Trust Yourself

Trust yourselfLearn to trust yourself

The habit of finding outside validation usually damages our self-esteem. It gives someone else the authority and power over your own life.

Start to pay attention to your own gut instincts and a new life habit of trusting yourself  Instead of looking for someones agreement or approval. 


Become Your Own Beauty Expert

become your own beauty expertYou decide your own beauty 

It feels so much easier to move through the world with self-assurance and boldness when your accessories and clothing match your energy from head to toe. Beauty is a form of empowerment and  personal self-love.

Become your own beauty expert and discover how it feels to finally discover your own type of beauty. It feels so wonderful to stop compromising your own natural standard of beauty.

final thoughts

Do looks matter?

We live in a world where we are constantly judged by the way we look and present ourselves. Should this be the case?..... Absolutely not but we're all here and we  all have to engage with the outside world at some point. 

What would I love you to take away from this?

In a nutshell..... Choice. Express yourself in however way you want to. No one should feel ashamed or not validated about who they are and if you need to be your own cheerleader for a while, pick up them Pom Poms and create a new a story for yourself. Choices.....

Speak Again

thank you