Tips On How To Boost Your Self Esteem

I’ve got a question.....

How do you treat yourself & others? Do you show yourself as much love as you do to your friends and family? 

If I was to make a bet I’d say the majority of you don’t.  Why though? It’s like we offer endless amounts of compassion and understanding to the people we know and love but we’re just no good at doing the same for ourselves..... It’s  crazy eh!

I don’t mind confessing that I have done the same but I now get it that there are some days when I need to give myself a good kick up the arse and some tough love but on the other days it’s important that I should show myself some self-love, empathy and acceptance.

I think It’s important that there’s a place for both and just as much as walking around thinking we’re gods gift is self-destructive thinking we’re never good enough is also just as damaging to ourselves. It can lead to -

It’s crazy to think that we can project love onto everyone else but god forbid we do it on ourselves because yes of course..... What we desperately need more of in this world is hate, more hate and less love! 

That’s why I wanted to write this little guide for all of us. It’s a list of the little things we can all do everyday in our lives that will give our self-esteem and confidence a little nudge in the right direction.... So can we talk about it?


  • Give yourself 1 goal a day to complete and tick it off at the end of the day.

  • Miss Oprah Winfrey taught me this one....At the end of the day just before you go to bed write down a couple of nice things that happened during the day and 1 thing that your proud of that you did during the day.  

  • Tell the people around you that matter they matter;.

  • Learn the art of saying NO. Be careful though, don’t just start saying no to everyone. Yes you have to go to that meeting and yes you have to go to that family gathering even though you’d rather be in a bar drinking with ya mates so pick your fights carefully with what you say yes and no to.

learn to say no

  • Practice a bit of self love and do 1 thing each day just for you to give yourself a little happy.

  • Start a hobby and learn something new.

  • Start Forgiving yourself and others


  • Get rid of the people in your life that are doing you damage. Keep the good ones and let the bad ones drift away

  • Be present. When you’re with people focus on what’s happening in the moment instead of what’s going on on Tinder or Grindr. 

  • Acknowledge your achievements and give yourself a cheeky pat on the back and maybe a little reward for doing good.

  • Stop bitching about people behind their back.... If you don't want people to do that to you lead by example.

  • Own your life like a boss..... Own your emotions, thoughts and actions. You can't change anything until you do. 

  • Find a job you want to do. Don't spend the next 30 years working in a career you hate. Why would you ?!/!

  • There's no shame in not being OK and asking for help


  • Focus on the solutions and not the reasons why you can't do something

  • You do you boo. It's your life so live it according to your own rules

you do you

  • Don't Judge or compare yourself to others. It leaves you pitted against these people and they're will always be someone bigger and harder than you so you will end up loosing..... a lot.

  • Take care of your appearance. It's amazing how feeling comfortable in your own appearance can give you a boost.

  • Be a good pal to your mates. It's nice to be nice and it’s not that hard.

  • Practice positive self talking  to yourself as it can stop all the negative inner voices

  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Change doesn't always come easy and will take commitment. Don't worry about getting to the finish line just make a daily commitment to work on you.  

final thoughts

Whether it's  dealing with really painful trauma or simply giving yourself a bit of love to boost your self-esteem and confidence the more we practice this folks the bigger and lasting impact it will have on ours lives.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it. It certainly gave me a few reminders of what's important in my life. Peace x