A Nurse, Their Mental Health & the CoronaVirus Pandemic

It’s been great to see all the outpouring of appreciation to these NHS heroes in the news recently and to keep this going and in perspective I thought it would be really good to have a first hand account of what’s like to be a working NHS nurse in this current crisis situation so I asked my other half to guest write me some top content  and tell you all about his life at the minute being a Nurse in a busy NHS hospital in Greater Manchester. 

I’ll hand you over to Kris..... I hope you enjoy the read. I think we can all learn something from this. 


So Rob has asked me to write a personal blog as a nurse working in this crazy time….. Be gentle, this is  my first time. 

Firstly let me  give you  a little  bit of information about me, I am a newly qualified nurse that has been working in neurosurgery and traumatic brain injuries center since qualifying 6 months ago. This is a high pressure, fast paced area of nursing, dealing with the public that have different brain injuries of different degrees of severity. 

Some have tubes in their throats to enable them to breath, some have communications problems and others end up being disabled for long periods of time or never return to their normal selves so dealing with the very ill and frustrated is my day to day living. 

I'm not going to go into the daily routine or how the NHS is understaffed political rant as this is known widely by most. What I am going to go into is the current situation and the corvid19 pandemic and my account, experiences and how it's affecting my life.


The UK has only been starting to take this corona situation seriously for a couple of weeks. None of us realised that loo roll could be currency but the world is a crazy place right now and before you all say I'm making light heart of the situation, as nurses we tend to have a dark sense of humour and make jokes of things most people would find crass.


Nurse Joke

It’s a coping mechanism most if not all of us have. Putting the supermarket sweep re-enactment drama to one side let’s talk about us front line staff. What does make me chuckle is how terms the media use are very military front line, on mission etc etc. I became a nurse to care for people and not cause injury or pain so military terms feel uncomfortable.


War terminology on the coronavirus

It’s our job, it’s what we trained to do and we all go to work every day to care for people. What makes it different between a soldier and us is that they would not send a soldier to the front lines without the right equipment, with no gun or a pretend one. But that’s what they expect us to do. With paper masks that now have been proved to do bugger all and plastic aprons we use day to day anyway. 

Granted some areas like medical admissions and A&Es have had proper masks and equipment fitted but the patients are having to be cared for throughout the hospital and these areas are not equipped with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

NHS workers PPE

This means nurses like me working in an area with crap PPE are at higher risk, meaning some of us are shitting ourselves (but don't have the loo roll to clean up after ourselves)  due to having to go home to family members that are classed as high risk. I'm not in that category luckily. 

Nevertheless we have had to have a chat about the serious possibility of me getting it and bringing it home. Which is upsetting and shit. I'm seriously worried and suppose on countdown for that day since 3 nurses on my ward have already had to self-isolate as well as 3 care support workers which are just as essential as nurses and doctors. 


Let's talk about mental health for a minute. You want the short and sweet answer my anxiety has become the hulk, my OCD tendencies for cleaning have become like Kim Woodburn level and my hunt for basic food supplies is nothing short of James Bond. 

stop and listen


Social distance yourselves, buy what you need, don’t be selfish cos we all need food & loo roll and what's happening with nappies and baby food just don’t get me started….. DISGUSTING.


stop and listen

My biggest stress and worry at the min is everyone else. You are making my job harder, your putting the NHS in crisis and you’re spreading this through your community. Past generations went to physical war cause their government said they had to, now they are asking you to stay in and catch up on Netflix. Put things into perspective people. 

Everyday me and my colleagues nationwide get up and go to work to look after sick dying patients. Please don’t add to these numbers by thinking it doesn’t apply to you or that it's not serious.

"I go to work for you, you stay at home for me" 

Final Thoughts

Wow, well he didn’t hold back on that did he and I loved reading it. The reality of his and all the other NHS workers is really quite frightening to me and after the pandemic has gone each and everyone one of us needs to find our own way of saying thank you to these hero’s……… and BORIS you fucking mention NHS austerity or wage freezes for NHS workers and you’ll have riot’s on your hands.

Since writing this I have been told by Kris the PPE situation is getting better for all NHS staff thank god.