Schizophrenia - The Basics

What comes to mind when you think about schizophrenia?...... 

"I bet a lot of you had thoughts about violent criminals or crazy cat ladies etc" 

It's understandable, That's what we're shown by the media. 

For me personally I can count on 1 hand the amount of times something positive has been said about people with schizophrenia.......

There's a Youtube Chanel however called Crash Course that gives you the basics of a lot of psychological topics and they did an excellent short video on Schizophrenia.  I think they are in a far better position to explain the topic in an easier way for all of us to understand.

....... So if your interested let's look a little deeper and talk about Schizophrenia - The Basics 


I hate the word Schizophrenia.... It's aggressive, sounds derogatory and automatically brings up ideas and images of people that are somehow dangerous, unstable or untrustworthy and I lay the blame entirely on the media. 

Research and studies have proven this to be false. It's the sufferers themselves that are the vulnerable ones and the ones that need the support and protection. It's them that are more often than not the victims of violence, stigma and discrimination. 

Let's try to do some good together and end the stigma around Schizophrenia but sharing this post and getting the facts out there to everybody. 

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