Why Does Kindness Matters?

Are you a kind egg or bad egg?

Does being kind even matter anymore when we all live in a world where we are shown day in day out by the power's that be that personal gain is more important than focusing on the collective good regardless of how shitty it may seem?

Well in my opinion I'd say yes and I have some receipts to back that up..... Let's start at the beginning though..... Let's talk about kindness 

The dictionary defines kindness as 

"An inclination to do good"

The problem I find with this though is that being kind is a relative concept. What you think being kind is might be different to the next person down the street. Some people might believe that honesty is the best policy so you have to be cruel to be kind. Others might believe the opposite to be true so sheltering someone from pain is the kindest thing you can do......Both maybe true but you can see the problem here can't you?

For me a better way of looking at kindness would be to say it's -  

"The ability to feel compassion"

In other words, feel others' suffering and if right make an effort to help. It's not like you have to storm in and fix the world but doing your little bit like showing a bit of empathy, compassion and kindness can have a huge rippling effect on their life and yours. 

How?..... Let me give you some examples

Kindness Does Good For Our Mental Health

Kindness & mental health 

Think of practising kindness as "Sowing a seed". You may not reap it's benefits straight away but the more you tend to it and feed it the bigger the pay off because one thing is true and that's kindness promotes mental wellness. We live much happier lives when we find harmony between the connection of positive thoughts, feelings and behaviour.   

Our brain understands that kindness is essential. According to Jerome Kagan, a well-known Harvard University professor specialising in the psychology of kindness, humanity is genetically programmed to do good. 

Is it any wonder then why the idea of "Love" runs through every part of our lives..... without exception.... The only difference is that we all have a different opinion of what "Love" is.

Kindness Allows The Human Race To Survive.

kindness and species

Charles Darwin stated at the time that the human brain is programmed to practice kindness because it guarantees the survival of the species.

Acts of kindness allow us to understand that people have many more chances to survive if we have a support group around us rather than being alone. People are empathetic because, with this, we manage to identify our needs and provide help therefor increasing the chances of the survival of the group.

Practising Kindness Takes Care Of Our Mental Health.

Lets look after each otherYou look after your mental health and It'll look after you

We all know how we feel when we've had a bad day at work or an argument with a loved one. It's put's us in a bad mood effecting both our physical and mental health. It's the same with feelings like resentment, anger, envy, anxiety or stress. It leaves us lonely and disconnected from others..... It's not nice.  

Practising kindness however helps our inner balance, it brings us peace and well-being. A kind person is more intuitive, more receptive and more aware of everything that surrounds them. 


The main problem with thinking like this though is the obvious and logical question.....

If Kindness Is So Beneficial Why Do We Not See Kindness All Around Us?

Lack of kindness in the worldWhere's the love?

Looking around the world it seems strange that although we are genetically programmed to be kind all we see are wars, inequality and attacks on each other. 

How do we explain this?

Well research at Berkeley University suggests that when we think more of our self-interests instead of us as a group our behaviour and balance tends to lean towards selfish acts like envy, rage, hate and competition. 

"My want's are greater than yours so if I have to step over you to get what I want then that's what I'm gonna do regardless of whether it's right or wrong"

What can we do about this?  How can we learn to be kinder?

Well the good news is that it's not that hard and the tips I'm gonna share with you below will hopefully get the ball rolling and inspire you to think up other ways of how you can start being more kind in your life. 

Three Ways Of Showing More Kindness

1. Say Thank You

say thank you

Try finding the good in what others do for you big or small. People aren't perfect so focus on the positive things instead of judging them for the negative things. 

People that are more thankful for what we have tend to be more happy and content, sleep better and are more compassionate and kind to others.

2. Smile More

smile moreWhat's so funny, Have I got something on my face?

Sometimes, joy makes us smile, but other times it's the smile that causes our joy. Scientists and spiritual teachers claim that the simple act of smiling has the power to transform the world around us. 

In addition to being contagious, the smile persuades more of those good chemicals in your body to come out. You know them ones that reduce stress and promote good health and happiness.

3. Learn To Forgive 

forgivenessNo T all shade 

The next time you have a conflict or disagreement with someone, try to forgive (Easier said than done I know) but numerous studies have shown that forgiveness can bring significant benefits, as it helps lower blood pressure, lowers the risk of heart attack, and even improves sleep and cholesterol levels.  It has a strong impact on our mental health.

final thoughtsFinal Thoughts

It worries me sometimes when I think about the state of the world we all live in. I look around at the people who run the show and all I see are crooks and tyrants who only care about themselves and their people in their group.


As much as I believe this is true I also believe in the power of you and me. The only way forward for us all is together and we need to find a way to accept each other so we're all invited to the party. There's a quote I love and repeat often and it goes -  

"We're not here to change the world, we're here to change ourselves and in changing ourselves we change the world"

Be that change. Rob x