The truth is we all go through times in our life when our mental health is tested and how we deal with that can be life changing either for the better or worse.   


Making the decision to get help can be huge. You're jumping into the unknown having to place your trust in someone you don't know with your deepest thoughts and feelings. Maybe you don't think that change is possible or maybe what's happening is just to traumatic for you to even think about...... I get it......What I'd love for you to know though is you're not alone.  


Looking back at my life there has been times where I can't imagine how I ever managed to work past them but counselling is a journey of self discovery where you can finding meaning to you're experiences, thoughts and feelings and find a way to move forward.


I'm not going to lie and say it's always an easy process but you'll be in safe space where you can work through your thoughts without fear of judgement or ridicule.


As a Counsellor I'm committed to the idea that we all have the ability to make our own decisions in life. Our journey's both past and present are totally unique to us so trying to fit everyone in the same box with the same rules seems a little strange. Decisions should be made by understanding the unique world we live in.


My style of Counselling is based on the Integrative Model where I can draw upon different methods of help that are individually tailored  towards your needs. 


You will take the lead in directing what the sessions focus on and It'll be my role to offer useful insights, thoughts, ideas and reflections about what is being discussed.


Areas Of Experience


Although I work with clients on a whole range of issues I do specialise in some areas where I feel I have a little extra to offer. These include -  













Sexual Violence


Mental Health disabilities




Grief & Loss






Anger Management



Work-Related Stress  


Qualifications & Experience

- 4 diplomas in Person Centred & Integrative Counselling 

- BSc (Hons)  Psychology, Psychotherapy & Counselling  

- MSc  (Hons) Positive Psychology and Counselling




I offer Individual Counselling either face-to-face, Online or via Telephone.


The sessions last 1 hour each which can be book by contacting me here. 


I also offer a free 30 minute consultation so If you'd like to have a chat with me you can call me on 07590664478.