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Discover Your True Self: 67 Soul-Stirring Questions

Discover Your True Self: 67 Soul-Stirring Questions

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our latest blog, "Discover Your True Self: 67 Soul-Stirring Questions." In a world brimming with constant noise and distractions, finding moments of introspection is a rare gift we give ourselves. This thought-provoking compilation of 67 questions delves deep into the realms of your thoughts, emotions, and aspirations, guiding you towards the core of your authentic self


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With Christmas around the corner and the New Year on the horizon, the whole "New Year, New Me" chatter has started buzzing..... But let's face it, many of those plans will fizzle out soon after the New Year kicks in (Kidder, 1995)

Why though?

In my head, it's because we start in the wrong place because Genuine and lasting change begins from within, with a healthy dose of self-reflection (Smith, 2002)

i have no ide what im doing

When we organize our thoughts, it helps us see who we are and understand how we work. This clarity gives us the power to make meaningful changes, laying the groundwork for personal growth and positive transformations.

Studies even throw in some numbers to back it up, suggesting that dedicating just 15 minutes to reflecting on our day can make us 23% better at things and 43% happier (Grant, Franklin & Langford, 2002)

So in the spirit of the approaching new year, here are 67 questions to ask yourself.... Grab a pen, find a cosy corner, and see if you surprise yourself with the answers.

me time


Discover Your True Self: 67 Soul-Stirring Questions

  • What matters most to me, and do the things I do reflect my values, passions, and priorities?

  • How am I using my strengths to lead a satisfying life and contribute positively to my community?

  • What does success look like for me, and am I actively working towards my short-term and long-term goals?

  • How do I take care of myself physically, emotionally, and mentally?

  • Am I good at communicating and listening in my relationships, and do I address issues when needed?

  • When facing criticism or needing to forgive, how do I handle tough situations, and how resilient am I?

  • What are my beliefs about money, and how do I manage my finances for financial well-being?

  • How do I view and manage my time, and am I making smart choices about how I spend it?

  • What habits help me be productive, and what habits might be getting in the way of my effectiveness?

  • Am I making healthy lifestyle choices, including nutrition, exercise, and overall self-care?


  • How do I handle the fear of not succeeding, and what have I learned from past mistakes?

  • Am I open to trying new things, and what fears or challenges may be holding me back?

  • How do I define bravery and courage, and do I express gratitude for positive aspects of my life?

  • What is most important to me, and am I aligning my actions with my core values and priorities?

  • How am I using my strengths and skills, and how can I enhance and make the most of them?

  • What aspects of myself do I want to work on for personal growth and development?

  • How do I define success, and what steps am I taking to achieve short-term and long-term goals?

  • Do I experience fear or anxiety about not succeeding, and how can I overcome these fears?

  • What small goals do I want to achieve soon, and how can I accomplish them?

  • Am I actively working toward long-term aspirations and dreams?

going nowhere

  • What excites and impassions me, and am I dedicating time to activities that bring me joy?

  • How do I navigate tough times, and what coping mechanisms help me overcome challenges?

  • Am I actively taking care of my well-being, and what specific actions do I undertake to ensure I am okay physically, mentally, and emotionally?

  • How do I express self-love, especially during challenging times, and how do I show kindness to myself?

  • What brings happiness to my life, and what activities contribute to my overall sense of joy and contentment?

  • How important is gratitude in my life, and do I regularly reflect on and express gratitude for positive aspects?

  • Do I cultivate positive relationships, and are the people in my life generally positive and supportive?

  • Are there relationships that make me feel negatively, and do I need to address these concerns?

  • How effectively do I communicate with others, and am I a good listener during conversations?

  • When faced with criticism, how do I respond, and what strategies do I use to handle feedback?

how very daer you

  • In terms of forgiveness, is it easy for me to let go of negative feelings, or do I tend to hold onto grievances?

  • How do I navigate and feel about changes in my life—do I embrace them or find them uncomfortable?

  • What are my beliefs and thoughts about money, and how do I manage my finances, including budgeting?

  • How do I perceive and value time, and am I making conscious choices about how I spend my time?

  • Do I set clear limits with people in my life, and am I assertive in communicating when boundaries are crossed?

  • What strategies or habits contribute to my productivity, and what habits hinder my ability to get things done?

  • In terms of health, am I making healthy choices in my lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and overall well-being?

  • How do I handle the fear of not doing well at something, and what lessons have I learned from past mistakes?

  • Am I open to trying new things, and how do I approach and embrace novel experiences in various aspects of my life?

  • How do I feel about engaging in activities I've never done before, and am I open to exploring new experiences?

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  • What specific fears or concerns prevent me from trying new things, and how can I address or overcome these fears?

  • In defining bravery and courage, how do I personally perceive and embody these qualities in my actions and decisions?

  • Do I take moments to appreciate and express gratitude for the positive aspects of my life, and how does this practice contribute to my overall well-being?

  • What role does spirituality play in my life, and how does my faith or belief system influence my daily living?

  • In navigating conflicts, am I true to myself, and do I act in alignment with my values and principles?

  • How do I approach and handle disagreements with others, and what strategies do I use to resolve conflicts?

  • What challenges do I face when communicating with others, and how can I overcome obstacles to engage in more open and meaningful conversations?

  • Am I consistent in keeping promises and doing what I say I'll do, and how does this contribute to building trust in my relationships?

  • How do I define honesty and truthfulness, and how do I handle situations when things don't go as planned?

  • In terms of my job or career, what are my goals, and am I satisfied and happy with my current professional path?

elom musk

  • How do I respond when things are going well, and what keeps me motivated during challenging times?

  • How would I describe the purpose of my life, and do I feel that I am living a life with meaning and significance?

  • Do I sense a clear purpose in my life, and what steps can I take to further define and enhance that sense of purpose?

  • What legacy do I aspire to leave behind, and how can I actively work towards creating a positive impact for future generations?

  • In considering how I want to be remembered, what specific qualities or contributions do I want people to associate with me?

  • How do I contribute to the betterment of my community, and what actions can I take to make a positive difference in the lives of those around me?

  • Am I enthusiastic about learning new things, and do I actively seek opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills?

  • How do I cope with feelings of uncertainty or self-doubt, and what strategies can I employ to build confidence in challenging situations?

  • Do I openly express my emotions and feelings, and am I comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities with others?

  • What resilience strategies do I employ during tough times, and what qualities or practices make me strong in the face of adversity?


  • How do I react when positive events occur in my life, and how can I amplify and share those moments of joy?

  • What role does humour play in my life, and how do I prioritize laughter and lightheartedness in my daily experiences?

  • How do I define a meaningful life, and what specific aspects or activities give my life purpose and significance?

  • Am I conscious of my environmental impact, and do I consider how my actions contribute to the well-being of the world around me?

  • What does success look like in my relationships, and how do I cultivate positive and meaningful connections with others?

  • Am I holding onto past mistakes, and are there aspects of my history that I need to forgive and let go of for my own well-being?

  • How do I define inner peace, and what steps can I take to cultivate a sense of calm and tranquillity within myself?


Final Thoughts

therapy by Robert's final thoughts

What did you say? Were you surprised?

These questions help me stay in touch with myself and stay responsible.

Remember It's not about being right or wrong; it's about learning about yourself.....So, be kind to yourself when you're doing well, and be honest with yourself when you need a reality check.

Merry Christmas everyone x


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