9 Tips That Might Help Save Your Relationship

Everyone wants the big romance don't they?

Being in a relationship is a golden experience & journey especially when it's with the right person(s). I've been with my other half for just under 6 years now and although in that time he's managed to snatch the 2 titles of being the best thing that ever happened to me and the most annoying person that ever existed I wouldn't change it for a second.

So what makes a good relationship?

Well below I've listed the most popular 10 tips experts say on what makes a successful relationship. Let's talk about it and see what folks are saying.....

Tip 1 - Showing Unconditional Love.... (Mmmm)

uncondtional love

What do you think about this one?

Love is the first and most important force of any successful relationship. When there is a mutual love between you and your partner, you tend to feel happiness and security more.

But how far do you go?

Unconditional love means accepting each other for who they are without aiming for perfection and unrealistic expectations. It's a emotional feeling that binds people together so you gotta love them without question..... UNLESS they're a serial killer or cheater and things like that..... Then you have permission to dump their arse after running a million miles in the other direction first.

Tip 2 - Ability To Easily Forgive