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28 Things You're Never Too Old For

As the weather has been getting better, I've been itching to go disco dancing and living in Manchester there is no shortage of options.

When I suggest this to my fella, however, I get told that being 42, I'm too old for that shit......

Granted, me sweating my tits off in some dodgy club at 5am wouldn't be a great look but can't I even throw some shapes down in the local social club?

It's a question I genuinely wanted to know so I went online and asked the people on Reddit what are the things you're never too old for.... and this is what they said

28 Things You're Never Too Old For?

"Trick or Fuckin' Treatin'! I have way more fun than my son"

"Rooting for your favorite sports team"

Deep Down We're All The Same And We're All In This Together

"Having someone tell you that you did a good job"

"Pets. Watching the faces of the elderly when they interact with animals, you can see how much joy they get from it"

"You're never too old to act immature"

"Laughing, life can be short or long but it should never steal happiness"

"Video Games. People told me I was getting too old for video games when I was a teenager, but no one says that to me today as an adult"

"Playing peek a boo with a baby. My dad spent an hour on the weekend playing peek a boo with his granddaughter. I think he was having more fun than she was"


"Revolution against the bourgeoisie in the name of the working class"

Do I Need To Spell It Out?

"Live concerts of your favorite music"

"To start a fresh life"

"Horsing around with your friends. I've seen all ages fucking about being idiots and loving every second of it"

"Making new friends"

Who Doesn't Like Being Told "I Love You"?

"Everything. If there is something you want to do, don't let anyone tell you otherwise because you're too old. You won't get younger again"

"You are never too old for exercise. I should probably take my own advise"


"Crippling self doubt"

"Bitching about all the stuff you could do when you were younger"


"Rock-N-Roll !!!"

"Starting Over"

Feel The Love

"Date Nights"

"Joy, love, crying, giving, learning, life lessons, being wrong, teaching, etc.."

"Getting older"

It can be hard to navigate through life with all the expectations society puts on us but who are we living for..... Ourselves or other people?

Gone are the days of me telling myself I'm not able to do something or I'm not capable and if I ever need a reminder I tell myself this.....

If I'm not harming anyone else then NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE has the right to tell me what I can and can't do.



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