Don't Look Back In Anger

What can I say about the last year??

Well..... I apologise for my language but if I'm honest this past year has been a total fucking shit show. I would struggle to create a piece of fiction that is on par with what's happened to us over the past 12 months...... I mean you couldn't make it up, could you?

I look back and I just don't know..... it's difficult to make sense of it all. On one hand, it seems to have gone in a quick blur but on the other, it's been a full year and that's a long time.... an age.

What I do know though is that everything has changed...... everything.

Will things go back to "normal?"

What do you say?

It's not been an easy trip. There's a lot of us that feel we've been living in some sort of anxiety bubble unable to get any rest bite or relaxation. Everywhere we turn it's focused on the pandemic.

It seems there's always something new to be worried about or a new set of rules you have to get used to..... and that doesn't even start to explain the pain of not being able to see our loved ones for a full year.

And..... For some of those less fortunate, it's been nothing short of traumatic and life-changing. This needs to be acknowledged.

Yes in the bigger picture I know I've been really lucky to have been working and had the support of my other half but like I explain to all my counselling clients It's important to acknowledge your truth and your lived experiences regardless of how worse your next-door neighbour might of had it.

It's our lives..... and to us it's important.

One common theme that I talk to my clients about is this sense of a new normal. We've all had to be fearful of others, of crowds, of getting too close..... We've learnt to be on our own.

It's understandable, it's fine BUT

This Is The Problem

This isn't normal. There's nothing normal about being isolated from our friends and family, being scared of human contact and not being able to go outside.

And now that the reality is it's nearly over, the hard work starts for us all. We're all gonna have to fight against everything we've learnt over the past year to get us back to where we were before this all began.

We're gonna have to learn how to be social again... Learn to be around people, groups of friends and other crowded environments,